Certified Passive House Consultants


bldgtyp delivers in-person monthly Thermal Bridge Modeling seminars in NYC for interested students. These low-cost, after work sessions are put on in conjunction with the NYPH team and provide a comprehensive 3 part introduction to the use of LBNL THERM for thermal bridge modeling. The course is split into three parts with sample files being provided to students for each section. This course is specifically designer for Passive House Consultants, Designers and Tradespersons, Building Design professionals such as engineers or architects, or manufacturers of high performance building envelope elements. For up to date information on upcoming courses and to register, see the calendar of events at NY Passive House Meetup.


bldgtyp's all new PHPP training (using the US 'IP' version) is now available for practitioners in NYC. The course is designed to get those new to the PHPP quickly up and running through directed hands-on learning with the software. The class is a mixture of presentations by the experienced class instructors and guided in-class practice with the software by participants. This course features all new content which has been developed with the US market in mind and this class will take students all the way from start to completion of a sample project over the three days of in class instruction.

For more information about upcoming sessions and to register, see the NY Passive House Meetup events page.


bldgtyp not only designs and consults on Passive House buildings, but also teaches Certified Passive House Consultant training courses throughout the year for the North American Passive House Network, Passive House Canada, and the Passive House Academy.

For more information and a listing of upcoming trainings in your area, go to:

North American Passive House Network
Passive House Canada
Passive House Academy